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more crafty benefits for japan

earthquake relief raffle from kitchen sink dyeworks

and marceline from super cute kawaii and asking for trouble is donating profits from her book, and has links to a few more benefits.

know of more? let me know, i'll add them!


japan quake aution appeal

i've been glued to the tv and twitter for the last 24+ hours, and am feeling a little numb. as more news about the earthquake and disaster appears, it just gets sadder and sadder. including today when it seemed there was the danger of a meltdown of a nuclear reactor. it's still too soon to know all the ways we will be able to help, but right now jojoebi is organizing this japan quake aution appeal. i will be joining in for sure, and there are lots of ways you can get involved too, visit her blog for more info.


a sad sad day

today japan experienced its largest earthquake ever, and a tsunami. i'm fine, but my heart is breaking for the families who are suffering in north eastern japan.


chengdu changing mask dance

in this traditional performance, the actor removes masks, one at a time to reveal the mask underneath. it was an amazing thing to see--or not see, as each mask change happened too fast to see it!


yellow flowers

right now in china's sichuan province, the rapeseed flowers are in full bloom. fields and fields of bright yellow flowers everywhere. we learned today that this crop (grown for it's oil) is processed by used to provide cooking oil for the farmers themselves. which is understandable when you try the delicious local food--the oil is not a secret!

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